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Duke at Fletcher Park in Raleigh

Duke and I went to Fletcher Park yesterday and had a good time! I got a GREAT wait at the car before we started. Then we walked around a field where kids were playing loudly, no issues. Then we walked past some people, walked some walls, did some drills (2nd video), walked some more and settled on a table by the children’s playground. From there we watched people and their dogs go by (zoom in and you will see them in the background).

Duke hardly pulls at all in my neighborhood now,  but in NEW and exciting places he’s back to pulling. All of this is expected,  he can’t be “fixed” in 3 weeks. But he CAN keep learning and grow more relaxed if you continue to do as I have with him. Almost all of his training has to do with building up his confidence and him learning to trust me to protect him. Now you need to do the same. He’s a fabulous boy who is most happy when he KNOWS what is expected of him.