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We have a German Shepherd that is extremely protective. Dawn was the third trainer we had come to our home. Because of Dawn, we can now have our German Shepherd outside with our chickens, ducks and cat. I am also more confident taking him out in public. Dawn not only trained my German Shepherd, but she trained me as well. She showed me it was ok to trust him a little more and not be so scared of how he might react. She is a true dog whisperer. Timber absolutely loves her, and he doesn’t like anybody outside of his pack. I would highly recommend Dawn’s services.

Melissa & Timber

regular customer

My dog Klause, a 100+ pound Rottweiler, was attacked by another dog. After his attacks he became increasingly nervous and aggressive during walks. A friend told me this wonderful story about how her friend had a similar dog like mine. They had Dawn Clement train with the dog and now he is great. Each week we met 1-2 times to train myself with Klause.  My dog transformed from a nervous wreak to a more confident and calmer dog. I now have the tools to keep calm while walking my dog. I can honestly say Dawn’s training is well worth it!

Rebecca & “Klause”

regular customer

Dawn Clement was recommended to me by a rescue organization that I had previously worked with. We talked about goals and expectations and I placed Bear with Dawn for 3 weeks of intensive training. One of the things I appreciated most about Dawn’s approach was her constant communication and feedback. She provided regular updates about what she was working on with Bear and the progress that he was showing. She included pictures, which was very reassuring. Upon his return home, Bears progress and improvement was impressive.

Dave & “Bear”

regular customer