Dog Visitation

When owners need to travel, I keep their fur babies! I brush up their dogs manners, work on specific issues and take them on outings if weather and time permit. The dogs live in the house with me and my pack. Doggie socialization (play) and manners are worked on daily and on an individual as-needed basis.

I live, train and love your dogs as if they were my own. The dogs are out loose whenever I’m home and crated at food and night time. The dogs LOVE it here! There’s always someone to play with if your dog is young. There’s always someone to chill with if your dog is older and not up for all that wild stuff. Dogs pull me up my driveway as I wave “bye” to Mom & Dad.

The usual process is to fill out an application and schedule the dates and drop off/pick up times with me. Before 9 am on drop off and after 6 pm on pick ups are additional nights. I give leeway for late flights and traffic issues. I offer to pick up and drop off for a fee depending on the distance from my house.

The owners love that their dogs are well taken care of, don’t pick up any bad habits and they can have issues worked on or suggestions for home work. The dogs love the play, the structure and personal one-on-one time on the outings/walks that we do.

Starting at:  $65 / NIGHT
Client Application