Rowdy Rover

I am taking applications for a Rowdy Rover classes. This 3 week class deals with teaching fearful, aggressive and difficult dogs to trust their owners to walk them on leash. We meet a local parks and learn to walk dogs past lots of distractions (bikes, strollers, other dogs) while teaching the owners how to position their dogs for a successful walk. I help by bringing the proper equipment to help you walk your dog in a nice relaxed manner. NO SHOCK/VIBRATE collars! Just good old fashioned leadership, trust and positive experiences to help you walk your dog. This class costs a total of $180 for 3 classes.

PBR (Parks, Breweries and Restaurants)

Brewery, parks and restaurant manners classes are also 3 week classes. Each week we pick a different place to meet and work on manners in public places. We start out at easy, open places at not too busy times and work up to more crowded, enclosed places that are more of a challenge. We will work at your pace and don’t ask dogs for more than they can handle mentally. This is supposed to be fun for the dogs too! I want positive experiences to pile up until there’s nothing left to be afraid of anymore.

Classes are $100 for 3 classes. You can drop in and out as your schedule permits to get your 3 classes in. A schedule will be posted on the web site.

$40 For Each Outing Attended
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