Dog Training

My 3 week program helps dogs learn a routine. This is good for issues of potty training to fear aggression. Once a dog learns a schedule or routine they relax because they know what comes next and things like separation anxiety can become a thing of the past.

The 3 week program submerges dogs into my household. My 5 dogs help dogs (and me!) everyday learn proper doggie play manners, how to be balanced (doggie-see-doggie-do!) and how to relax and have an “off-button ” when inside the home.

I LEAD dogs. I want every interaction to be positive, fun and with rules. I am the teacher that you remember that made you do your homework so you could learn and move on with confidence! I form a connection with your dog so that they want to follow me. I never let anything scary get to the fearful dog and never let the leash pullers get to the squirrels/rabbits/ birds who torture them!

I bring you the owner into the mix! It makes no sense for your dog to listen and learn to trust ME and then go home with you puzzled. I want the rules in my house to be the same in your home. I want a smooth transition from my home to yours. We meet every week in public places, I hand you the leash and work on YOUR skills too. This way you can practice drills to tire out your dog, walking your dog past distractions or hanging with you for a meal at a doggie friendly restaurant. Owners get to see the changes as they happen for their dogs and themselves over the 3 weeks. It’s work but it looks like magic!

I send you home with whatever collar works best for your dog. I also send a leather leash home, so it doesn’t hurt your hands anymore. No extra charge. I want you to have nice, easy walks with your dog. I’ve done the work, hopefully, to make this a better experience for BOTH of you.

I do a follow up one week later. I want to be sure that everything is going well. If you are having problems, I will address them with you then. I am your trainer for life. You can ask me questions years later and I will be there for you.

Starting at:  $2950 / 3 WEEKS
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