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Ruby at Fletcher Park

Ok! Good and rough day at the park!

Ruby is an ex-foster (thru germ shep rescue! Lol) that I have walked 5 days a week for over 3 yrs. She was a fearful girl who needed to trust (sound familiar? ) someone to protect her and love her. I’ve known her since she was 3 months old, she is 6 yrs now. Her parents just had twins last fall, so…she still needs me. Lol!

Ruby is great at showing dogs how to be calm around city noises, dogs and general leash manners. Ruby is the dog that is NOW allowed to chase squirrels!

Klause just met her yesterday. She jumped in the car with us and off we went w/o any noise of protest. It always seems to help the boy dogs that she’s a confident girl! When I took the 1st pic, I didn’t know that the woman was coming WITH her doodle off leash!!(Look in background)

We walked/trotted around the soccer field to get him focused on me and to tire him out some. Then we saw a dog or two in the distance. Klause stopped, looked but that was all. We walked walls after that (A GREAT confidence builder!). When we moved to the fields part, the woman w/ doodle was throwing a ball for him (OFF LEASH) and Klause lost his mind. I made him sit and watch from FAR away (see pics by playground,  zoom in left side under branch and you’ll see them). Then we walked down to the tennis courts and back up, past fetching dog. We saw a puppy on the way back up and he lost it A-GAIN.

After that we went down in the bowl while teens were up top. He was fine with that. Then we walked up the steps past them and he was fine. Then it was to the car for some water!   All in all not great, but with lots more rinse and repeat, he should get better. So now our walks NEED to see dogs every time, so he learns some self control.